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The Return of the Bubble Letters

The Return of the Bubble Letters

Catching on trends, as usual what once was old is now new again and that is *drum roll please* bubble letters as in 3D letters and numbers.

The fascination seems to have started with social media celebs like the Kardashians a snapchat pic of a bday balloons.

kardashian balloons

And last week seen some 3D bubble lettering balloons in a Toyota commercial.

I know these letters were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s with a game called Bubble Bobble.

bobble game

And were especially popular style of the early graffiti artists for a quick design and dash.

Anyways I tried my design skills in 3D and had to brush up my skills in good ol’ Cinema 4D, learning the ways of 3D force.

Utilizing MoGraph text (create single object option new for c4d r16) adjust angle & max length, subdivision surface (Catmull-Clark (n-gons) type), manual adjust kerning utilizing the ‘plain object’ effector, all while adjusting the lighting and adding the right materials I was able to create the all new stylized Skylz 3D design.

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