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Print vs Digital or work together?

Print vs Digital or work together?

The eternal battle of print vs digital in the marketing/communications/graphic design world.

In my ever so humble opinion print will never go away, it’s a key tactic as one doesn’t need battery power to read and enjoy it’s content.

The print world is having to adjust to the digital domain, but in any case everything will need a print job eventually, from product packaging for all of our devices we use in our daily life, signage we see everywhere, people still love using calendars on their walls, a quick business card with your website/email is always handy on the run as people forget your website link.

In any event I thought I’d write a quick blurb about this as I design almost 50/50 now for print and digital works, but today in my actual real mailbox I received a nice surprise a giant folded poster for RGD Designers Think 2017 Vancouver, designthinkers.com for their upcoming conference.

Suffice it to say I thought this was brilliant, and a nice change of pace from the email blast type invites – where if you are like me you receive a numerous invites a day for various events and it’s quite cumbersome that one tends to overlook many of these events.

Not only was it nice to receive a printed invite, it was different, a thicker paper stock, full bleed, enough design to wow me to actually look up this event and it’s website and heck even write a short blog about it!

So in conclusion a well thought execution for any type of promotion and marketing can involve print and digital if thought out tactfully.


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