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The Return of the Bubble Letters

Catching on trends, as usual what once was old is now new again and that is *drum roll please* bubble letters as in 3D letters and numbers. The fascination seems to have started with social media celebs like the Kardashians a snapchat pic of a bday balloons. And last week seen some 3D bubble lettering balloons in a Toyota commercial. I know these letters were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s with a game called Bubble Bobble. And were especially popular style of the early graffiti artists for a quick design and dash. Anyways I tried my design skills in 3D and had to brush up my skills in good ol’ Cinema 4D, learning the ways of 3D force. Utilizing MoGraph text (create single object option new for c4d r16) adjust angle & max length, subdivision surface (Catmull-Clark (n-gons) type), manual adjust kerning utilizing the ‘plain object’ effector, all while adjusting the lighting and adding the right materials I was able to create the all new stylized Skylz 3D design.

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Google web designer

The advantage of using Adobe products daily, they have created a solid base/foundation for other big software to come out to base their layout and functions around. To keep my brain fresh in the designer world, I always like to learn and practice new digital programs, that said my new ‘toy’ is google web designer (GWD). What a fun and fascinating program that works well and is easy to use, thanks to the knowledge of AfterEffects for key frames, HTML knowledge of Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash experience, all adds up to being able to navigate within GWD. Granted for me designing wise is the #fun part, but the next step is navigating the seas of DoubleClick and their numerous solutions to showcase your ad design and/or AdWords.

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New Canucks colours idea

Besides my love for design my other passion is NHL hockey, specifically the Vancouver Canucks. Since my primary years at school I’ve been a fan, and as of recently I’ve been thinking about the new uniforms that can be made thanks to Adidas taking over starting for next season. Currently the Canucks colours in my humble opinion vastly resembles the Toronto Maple Leafs colour scheme a bit too much. So my suggestion is to darken the blues and brighten the green to contrast the midnight blue, along with adding some tactical lines on the arms for some strength and add a modern look to the ol’ uniform, also I got rid of the ‘VANCOUVER’ arced text on the logo, yes it’s time to get rid of the text as most should know about our beloved Vancouver, BC by now – at least in the NHL world. Here is what it would look like on a Bo Horvat picture. I also added some green around the logo to continue on with some more green touches to the uniform overall.

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Print vs Digital or work together?

The eternal battle of print vs digital in the marketing/communications/graphic design world. In my ever so humble opinion print will never go away, it’s a key tactic as one doesn’t need battery power to read and enjoy it’s content. The print world is having to adjust to the digital domain, but in any case everything will need a print job eventually, from product packaging for all of our devices we use in our daily life, signage we see everywhere, people still love using calendars on their walls, a quick business card with your website/email is always handy on the run as people forget your website link. In any event I thought I’d write a quick blurb about this as I design almost 50/50 now for print and digital works, but today in my actual real mailbox I received a nice surprise a giant folded poster for RGD Designers Think 2017 Vancouver, designthinkers.com for their upcoming conference. Suffice it to say I thought this was brilliant, and a nice change of pace from the email blast type invites – where if you are like me you receive a numerous invites a day for various events and it’s quite cumbersome that one […]

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Brush font

Lately I have been seeing the rise of brush fonts again, a stylish fat font overlayed a dark photo. In my opinion this looks great, I’ve seen this on newer designed websites for their banner sliders and on large print for store visual designs. It’s great for simple effective showcases, but it might be too flashy for memes.  

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